Manpower Assistance Services – under the flagship of Glossus Infotech Private Limited has been an innovative business initiative for all, with the theme that everyone should concentrate on the work of his or her choice while the respective human resource assistance from the portal will take care of their necessary and preferred work or services, in the ecommerce segment to which provides a platform for everyone to join for benefits as per strength and choice. If one needs any assistance, the pool of team is there to look for assistance. If one if looking to expand his or her working hand, the person just has to reach which provides nature of work based human force assistance. If one if bogged down by the workload and is looking after some form of assistance, that person can always reach for all sorts of assistance. is very unique in its approach and operation wherein one can get all source of human force assistance whether it is unskilled in nature of skills of highest caliber is sought after. From analyst and researchers to labor, provides a large pool of human force assistance. Now, people do not have to look after an engineer or an architect here and there or ask anyone for any such assistance and rather they just have to navigate through and look for related human force assistance. has been founded to provide human assistance as well as to provide a platform where anyone can join with an aim to benefits from their strengths and free time. The portal, provides a wide range of contingent human force services ranging from administrative and support, professional services to experts like business analysts, researchers and economist. If you are looking after project based workforce or professional guide, is the apt place for you to navigate for. was founded by the visionary entrepreneur in Ahmedabad with years of varied experience of startups, corporate and public sector, Diwaker Singh, with an aim to engage each and every person with his or her own skill sets to earn from them and contribute to the society as a whole. The founder believes that each and every person in this world is unique and everyone is blessed with unique skills sets where they are unbeatable and it is just a matter of recognizing the individual strengths and working on it to raise the individual socio economic status which in turn will raise the society as a whole and most importantly, it will engage each and everyone in some form or other. With this vision, the founder came up with an engaging platform for everyone who will have space for every person and every skill sets to flourish and be counted in the world as a whole. Since its conceptualization, it has been progressing in the society as a whole to engage one and all for the common goal of self and whole progress. Since its conceptualization, the founder has been striving to expand in the nation by offering various business opportunities in addition to its making its presence felt in other segments and areas.

The portal, has managed to expand its feather in the segment of legal, beauty, management, economic, socioeconomic, laundry, teaching, plumbing, marketing, liasioning, hospitality, pest control, cars and bikes, civil contractor, computer repair, software services, event management, emergency services, charted accountant, creative content writing, psychological counseling, doctor, fitness, dietician, painting, electrical, carpentry, academics, information technologies services, sales, home cleaning, public relation, private tuition, appliance repair, technical advisor, company secretary, facility management, project management consultancy etc. has not limited itself to these verticals only and is slowly expanding its other fins depending on the requirement and feedback of people as the portal aims to work for the people, by the people and with the people. So from now onwards, we do not have to waste our time and strength by being idle and rather engage ourselves based on our preference, mood, interest, strength and time to benefit and contribute our share and thereby setting up our individual vertical of workforce.

Launch of Dedicated Service has put its noble foot forward in the service segment bringing before you highly personalized human resource services to suit to your every need. The portal envisions serving each and every segment of the society with all sorts of manpower for every need. If you are too occupied or if you are stuck in your work and you are looking for assistance or additional hand to help you out in finishing the job, is there to provide you with a helping hand to suit to your personalized needs. You can get the services of segment of all cadres. With its remarkable approach and understanding of service segment, the portal has strengthened its roots deeper in the industry. As the competition continues to grow and thrive, the portal is adding to the momentum by strategizing services with a view to add comfort to its users by taking care of the load of your regular needs. reflects the remarkable approach and understanding of your sentiments and your needs. It is headed by most visionary man around with extraordinary management acumen and innumerable experience in various services segment industries with loads of leading experience of varied nature at diverse levels.

The cart of gets its direction from the vision and daily wishes of common people. The portal understands the market trends and its vision of the futuristic changes, makes a group which never lacks behind as far as guest satisfaction through its dedicated service and high end technology used are concerned.

All the services of have embraced the customer centric approach and have maintained a standard to delight the guests in every way possible. With continuous scrutiny of the industry, the portal keeps upgrading its front and back end operations to match the dynamic guests’ centric demand, showcasing the portal as one that walks with the time and needs. It takes into consideration all the needs and requirements of all segments of its guests; whether its individuals, family, society or corporate, with its team of professionals never fails to maintain its touchstone. The portal has been actively crafting its way out in the service segment and serving the guests with most of intricate details of the industry. The portal is fully equipped with multifarious nature of service segments, multi-variant experts, personalized services, consulting, counseling etc to identify the group from the masses. is backed up with professional team who read the guests well enough to never disappoint them. This makes to introduce various offers and services time and time again. The guests these days have different needs and wants and to satisfy them the sole way out is to mould the services as per their demands and fit their level of satisfaction. Starting from unskilled to skilled man power, all the intricate details of the guest’s demands are taken care of. The services are centered on the guest experience — extraneous efforts, exploratory work nature and intrinsic approach, dedicated start-up friendly zones and round-the-clock helpline encourage the mind-space to think and create.